Team Sitting On Table

Life @ Vitasys

Vitasys maintains high professional standards and ethics when it comes to our work. Foremost is an unrelenting focus on our customers because they give life to Vitasys through their business, and we give life back through our successfully completed work. Vital to this business life cycle are employees who seek fulfillment from helping others through their own work life efforts. Vitasys lives by The Golden Rule, and challenges all of our employees to make a difference in our customers’ lives. 

Full-time Employment

Vitasys provides full-time (Form W-2) employment opportunities with benefits for hard-working professionals passionate about helping others through their work. Generous benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, Paid Time Off, free parking, and more. 

Independent Contracting

Vitasys provides Independent Contracting (Form 1099) work opportunities for various customer programs and projects, as well as certain temporary job situations or needs. This arrangement provides greater freedom, flexibility, and work autonomy for telecommuting or other working situations. 

More About Vitasys

Vitasys aspires to be a great company and provide outstanding career opportunities for our employees. Our success depends on thinkers and  innovators committed to saving, protecting, and improving lives, satisfying customers, helping partners, and rapid and responsible growth. While we try to help those we serve through the tools and technologies we create, we also try to improve the lives of our employees by providing a fun, cool and comfortable place to work. We’re not about being boring, bureaucratic, or hierarchical and we keep our organization flat because the world has flattened from social networking platforms, mobile devices, the internet, and new technologies that bring us all closer together like never before. 

For employment consideration, e-mail your resume to with your job title in the subject line. Vitasys is an Equal Opportunity Employer.