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 We Understand Technology

Broadly speaking, technology is a tool or set of tools aimed at making some aspect of life better. At Vitasys, we use the latest technologies in what we create to help save, protect, and improve people’s lives. We’re passionate about imagining, inventing, acquiring, deploying, and playing with technology. In short, we love the benefits that technology brings us all, and enjoy going to work each day to see these benefits realized by our clients. Vitasys develops a full set of application types, including.

  • Web based – online and web services,
  • Windows based – smart client and windows services,
  • Mobile based – rich client and browser based,
  • Cloud based – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS),
  • Add-ons to existing popular packaged solutions, and
  • Applications that integrate with disparate platforms.

Mobile and Web Solutions

Vitasys develops applications and solutions to help organizations extend business processes to the web or a variety of consumer and enterprise mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablet devices. Today’s organizations must embrace the evolutionary shift in the way that computing has become embedded in our lives.

Web and Mobile offer unique opportunities to re-think the way organizations interact with customers, employees and partners. They offer a different value – as always-connected communications tools and a unique platform to build trust with your intended audience. Visionary organizations are embracing the confluence of cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies to proactively engage with their audience. Vitasys helps organizations address these needs and build deeper information relationships.