Court Order Display System

Business Situation

Recently, the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) initiated a grant-based solicitation seeking an innovative system solution to support Thurston County Superior Courts. By developing a Court Order Display System (CODS) that allows Judicial Officers to quickly view no-contact and protection orders, the courts are better able to serve their communities and provide essential protections for their citizens. The system:

  • Provides Court Officers with the ability to view all active orders directly from the bench by querying the Laserfiche imaging system.
  • Provides Law Enforcement with in-the-field ad-hoc query capabilities of all active no-contact and protection orders.
  • Provides automated as well as manual upload of daily dockets, storing read-only orders in the system for a period of 24-hrs.


Thurston County Superior Court chose a Vitasys solution because of its unique web-based system architecture, user friendly system design, simple graphical user interface, and low implementation cost.


Vitasys successfully launches the Court Order Display System with automated docket retrieval, ad-hoc search capability and calendar view for ease-of-use from the bench and in the field.

  • CODS empowers judicial officers with critical case information to help dramatically reduce or eliminate duplicative or conflicting orders.
  • CODS enables law enforcement with real-time information, allowing them to better assess court orders and assist victims of domestic violence.