Our Mission

Technician reviewing x-rays on pc tablet.

Saving, Protecting and Improving Lives

Vitasys believes our prime purpose of life is to help others. We partner with government agencies, healthcare, and non-governmental organizations around the world dedicated to this common purpose and who understand that technology has great potential to help humanity. The problems we solve may be limited in scope or global in scale, but whatever the need, our customers rely on their business processes and our technical expertise to deliver information systems critical to accomplishing their mission and goals. Fundamental to our business is treating each other with the respect everyone deserves. In this spirit, we consider, weigh, and balance the needs of our customers, vendors, employees, and shareholders alike to create deeper, win-win relationships. In doing so, we celebrate all life equally and build lasting relationships with those we serve. 

The 10% Solution

Helping others through technology is more than just a mission–it’s also a financial commitment. That’s why we pledge 10% of our corporate net profits to charitable organizations and foundations that share our values and invest in good life causes. We challenge our partners and citizens around the globe to do the same, and imagine the great things we can achieve together if everyone committed 10% of their earnings to saving, protecting, improving, and celebrating life.