Mobile Apps


The World is Moving Mobile 

Mobility is no longer solely about deploying devices to employees. Instead, it’s about developing a mobile strategy across all facets of your organization. The convergence of powerful Smartphones and tablet devices and increasingly flexible environments is creating both opportunities and challenges to stay connected to your customers and increase worker productivity. 

Vitasys has proven capability to deliver robust mobile solutions for a variety of scenarios, across multiple industries and based on various platforms. We develop compelling applications for government, business and organizations with rich user experiences and intuitive interfaces that are less transactional, while ensuring they are seamlessly and securely connected to existing infrastructure, regardless of the technologies involved.

Select Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate how we’ve helped organizations succeed using mobile solutions.

RecFIN-Mobile-App     BikeHikeCary

 App Store Partners

Vitasys is business partners with the major mobile players today so deployment of your mobile app is fast and seamless to the Apple iTunes, Google Play, or Microsoft Windows Phone app stores.