Software Consulting

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 Custom Software Development 

Vitasys helps our public and private sector customers plan, organize, secure and manage their resources to bring about a successful completion of their specific technical, engineering, or human resource goals. Many organizations short on budgets, time or staff prefer to “in-source” their project to trusted business partners with first-hand technical knowledge and experience. Vitasys’ broad array of services include developing custom software applications, business intelligence, quality assurance and testing, program or project management, and technical staffing. Vitasys possesses extensive technology capabilities to serve our clients and provide cutting-edge systems and applications.

Government Contracting

Vitasys is registered in System for Award Management (SAM), the primary U.S. Government registrant database used by agencies to learn about contracting vendors. Vitasys also is registered with many state, county, and city e-procurement systems. For you next contract schedule, RFP or RFQ, think of Vitasys as your preferred contracting vendor.