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Application Innovation

Our application innovation services deliver robust solutions for today’s rapidly changing, complex world. We develop, test and implement innovative applications across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices. Our technology experience and expertise give you an advantage in new application design, development, integration and management.

Application Modernization

Organizations spend considerable resources on business applications, yet many are out-dated, inefficient, or expensive to manage. Rather than invest in new applications, organizations are looking to improve the structure, reusability, flexibility and performance of existing ones. Vitasys offers proven approaches that help align older applications with newer business processes and avoid the time and cost associated with adopting packaged applications.

Application Development for Cloud

Developing cloud-based applications requires new approaches that address the unique requirements of software-as-a-service. Our application development services for cloud deliver on the promise by building custom applications from implementation planning to design, development and deployment. Our cloud applications are built around a secure, robust and scalable architecture that provides a rich set of experiences, best practices and prescriptive guidance unsurpassed in the industry.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our quality assurance and software testing services provide an objective, independent view of a client’s software to allow our customers to more fully understand the risks of software implementation. Vitasys helps customers validate and verify that their program, application, or product meets their business and technical requirements, works as it’s designed, and that it can be properly implemented without fatal flaws or errors.

Program and Project Management

Vitasys helps customers plan, organize, secure and manage their resources to bring about a successful completion of their specific engineering or technical goal. Temporary projects constrained by tight deadlines or budgets and rigid requirements sometimes require special development and delivery skills to allow managers to focus on maximizing their own human resources and daily operations.