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Public Health Software and Technology Consulting

Prevent disease, promote health, and protect people. Big goals for sometimes smaller local health department or vector control teams with limited resources or budgets. Vitasys offers several public health software systems to help you leverage and better manage health information and electronic records. Our ezEpiTM branded applications allow you to collect, share, analyze, and report mission critical data, predict community needs, and improve public health outcomes. We partner with public health and vector control district organizations across the country and provide off-the-shelf or custom developed IT solutions to fit unique requirements or infrastructural constraints.    



Outbreak Management

Helps public health departments track pathogens as well as identify and manage outbreaks


School Surveillance

Supports the investigation, monitoring, management, analysis, and reporting of health events in schools


Vector Control

Helps manage mosquito-borne threats by recording and monitoring trapping, spraying and lab test data