SmartMoves Mobile App

Using Adobe PhoneGap mobile software development framework for rapid design, development and digital deployment of transit authority information.

​Business Situation

GoTriangle in North Carolina started the SmartMoves Apartment Finder foldout map with the original goal of changing area travel behavior for university students in the greater three-city Triangle area. As more students adopted Smartphones, GoTriangle needed a solution to easily update map information while saving printing and distribution costs.    


GoTriangle wanted a mobile solution with ongoing technical support and maintenance of the app, along with an easy-to-use web-based interface for updating and disseminated map changes and local apartment availabilities along transit routes.  


Vitasys helps GoTriangle design and develop a mobile app with specific bus route and apartment finding search filter functions. Users can save favorite apartments and view availability within a specified radius or along bus lines. GoTriangle reduces overall program costs, and provides an engaging and user friendly mobile tool.